Panou fotovoltaic policristalin Watrom 255Wp

578.38lei 688.27lei cu TVA

Panou fotovoltaic policristalin Watrom 255Wp Specificatii:
Tip panou fotovoltaic Policristalin
Eficienta 15.4 %
Dimensiuni 1685 x 993 x 40 mm
Greutate 20 kg
Greutate volumetrica (transport) 22 kg
Putere totala 255 W
Tensiune circuit deschis 37.7 V
Tensiune la putere tipica 30.4 V
Curent scurt-circuit 8.4 A
Curent la putere tipica 8.9 A
Credit module TBI Pay 3.1.1

40.30 Lei x 24 rate

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Weight 20 kg



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